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Soap Socials


Soap Socials

What’s a Soap Social?

Soap Socials are a time to relax with friends, enjoy a glass of wine, and create gorgeous, natural custom bath products.

With 20 essential oils, fragrance, colors, and herbs and a large menu to choose from, we will guide you through the process.



We are waiting for you!

Plus, you get the exclusive use of some of Body Balms most popular blends! Check the Social Calendar frequently to stay up to date with locations and our rotating menu!

Want to be a

Social Justice Warrior?


15% of ALL profits from EVERY Soap Social will be donated to The Nourish Collective. Additionally, keep your eye on your Social Calendar for special events that include discounts for donating items for various projects!

Our Menu

Don’t panic, Its mostly organic.

Rest assured that ALL of the carrier oils used are cold-pressed and certified organic. Our essential oils, fragrances and herbs come from responsible and reliable, time tested companies. Our soap base is natural, sulfate/detergent free and considered good for all skin types. Soap Socials will feature a rotating selection of Body Balms products.


Our soap base is natural, sulfate/detergent free

and considered good for all skin types.

Some examples of what we have available are shown below...


Our 1/3 ounce perfume oil comes in a convenient roll-on and we never dilute our fragrances with harsh chemicals or alcohols.

Detox Rocks

Its a salt bar! Create your own blend of Detox rocks that include Himalayan Pink Salts, Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts.

Herb Sacks

Fill your muslin bag with dried herbs and oils! Use in your car, the tub, or throw your herb sack in the dryer.

Trigger Happy

Go Trigger Happy, the peaceful way! Scent your body, your space and your stuff!

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Soap Socials

c/o Body Balms

Red Oak TX 75154


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